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Activating mod_rewrite for wikka

tested on apache 2.4 and Ubuntu 14.04 LTS

  1. enable mod_rewrite on apache:
  2. sudo a2enmod rewrite
    apachectl restart

  3. in the right virtual host on apache add following directives in the right directory:
  4. <Directory /path/to/your/dir>
    Options FollowSymLinks
    AllowOverride All

  5. activate rewrite on wikka config values (file wikka.config.php):
  6. "base_url" => "",
    "rewrite_mode" => "1",

    on the first line eventually add your path

  7. in the root directory of wikka add an .htaccess file with following content:
  8. (Achtung: die Zeile mit Bad Referrer ist unvollständig!)
    SetEnvIfNoCase Referer ".*(adultsite|...).*" BadReferrer

    order deny,allow
    deny from env=BadReferrer

    <IfModule mod_rewrite.c>
            # turn on rewrite engine
            RewriteEngine on
            RewriteBase /pathto/subdir  //(-> only if your wikka works in a subdirectory)

            # if request is a directory, make sure it ends with a slash
            RewriteCond %{REQUEST_FILENAME} -d
            RewriteRule ^(.*/[^/]+)$ $1/

            # if not rewritten before, AND requested file is wikka.php
            # turn request into a query for a default (unspecified) page
            RewriteCond %{QUERY_STRING} !wakka=
            RewriteCond %{REQUEST_FILENAME} wikka.php
            RewriteRule ^(.*)$ wikka.php?wakka= [QSA,L]

            # if not rewritten before, AND requested file is a page name
            # turn request into a query for that page name for wikka.php
            RewriteCond %{QUERY_STRING} !wakka=
            RewriteRule ^(.*)$ wikka.php?wakka=$1 [QSA,L]

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